What is this ‘Populism’ I hear of?

Recent quote from a front running Presidential candidate:

They don’t control me. I’m not one of theirs. I’m not one of those guys that just owe my soul to the people on Wall Street. I’m not a wholly-owned subsidiary of them. I don’t live in the circles of power in Washington. I really do come right up from the people…What I did do was improve children’s health, education, the road system. But we didn’t do it just for the people at the top. The tax policies and other things we did, it helped the people at the bottom so they might have a chance to live the American dream. For that, I apologize to no one.

Who do you think is saying this. Clik here to find out. And then contemplate the fact that populist candidates are not only coming out of the woodwork compared to the last 40 years but that they are running to the front.

The Wise Old Men of Washington must be crapping in their $200 pairs of silk boxers.


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