Dear Miami….

Budding Euro dance star Roisin Murphy, she’s Irish, has a new hit out….Dear Miami, and no it’s not an ode to that city. It’s a dirge to it’s immanent disappearance.

Behind these walls
You can be so self-absorbed
Behind those eyes, no disguise
Disguise, no you can’t disguise
Behind this fortress of an address
Stuck in the passion void
With a little style full and for a while
But you can’t turn back time

Dear Miami
You’re the first to go
Under melting snow
Each and everyone
Turn your critical eye
On the burning sun
And try not to cry

It’s a testament to the intelligence of humanity that a 30 something popster is writing and singing about global warming while….

Well…while the adults continue to fuck up.

Here’s a spot where you can find out how to take action.

And don’t forget…Republicans say there is no such thing. And they used the apparatus of the government to do so.


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