Good Diary at dKos on JRE today….

Here’s what the corporatist press are saying about JRE’s latest appearances:

The former North Carolina senator whips up crowds with gut-wrenching stories about poverty, injustice and corporate greed, scorching the drug, oil and insurance conglomerates that he says chew up regular working Joes and "are stealing your children’s future away."

"We will not change America unless we take these people on. We are going to take their power away from them," he says.

At that point, he is usually drowned out by cheers, claps and whoops. Sometimes the audience rises to its feet.

Go read Ellinorianne’s whole diary at dKos. It’s a good one.

From our IA bloggers and folks NH the situation is muddy. Obama is attacking Edwards at a point where everything is suppose to be all ‘sewed up’ for him. Why? Nobody knows.

All I ‘know’ is that if either Obama or Clinton get the nomination we are looking at another four years of a Republican Presidency. Only silver lining in that would be the real opportunity to purge the House and Senate Democratic leadership of such failures as Pelosi and sellouts like Reid, Hoyer and The Rabbit.

Catch ya on the flip with a great post about HuckaBee! and the dead dog story!


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