The NetRoots have taken a hard look at Senator ‘Hope’ and…..


They’re not to thrilled with his approach. Check out this post by Mike over at Blue Hampshire, who we are proud to link to, titled: Big Table Politics. To say that I’m no fan of Senator Hope would be the understatement of the year; this one or any other. What I find interesting in in the extreme is how Obama’s campaign despite his very real talents for rhetoric and public speaking and seemingly endless armies of supporters online, many such zealots that I’ve named them ‘cultists’, the netroots have rejected him.

From straw polls and the commentary in the threads the verdict is in. Obama…no sale pal. Clinton is in the same boat. All of which gives me hope for the future of progressive politics in America. I believe we’ve reached, or will this cycle, that ‘Rosa Parks’ moment where we are no longer gonna sit in the back of the bus and let someone else, someone playing the ‘our leader’ card, drive. As I say very encouraging.


Now that the Xmas turkey is a bunch of covered plates in the reefer it’s time to get back in the fight for a better, more just America.


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