Good News from a Recent Poll for Edwards Supporters….That’s Us!

Here it is:

From McClatchy/MSNBC.

First, here are the links for you:  the News Story, and the full results in PDF.

Who’s winning?

24% John Edwards
23% Hillary Clinton
22% Barack Obama

Obviously, it’s close.  Well within the margin of error.


What’s the movement since the last McClatchy/MSNBC poll before the holidays?

+3 John Edwards
-3 Barack Obama
-4 Hillary Clinton

We can see Edwards picking up substantial support while both Obama and Clinton see support slipping away.


Who’s the second choice candidate of Iowa Dems?

36% John Edwards
25% Barack Obama
11% Hillary Clinton

Now things start getting interesting.  Not only is Edwards narrowly winning the first choice, but he’s easily winning the second choice.


And now comes the best news for folks who want John Edwards to be our nominee.

If supporters of the non-major candidates are forced into their second choice, who’s winning?

33% John Edwards
26% Hillary Clinton
26% Barack Obama

Were this to be the result you would be looking at a whole new ball-game for President.


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