Happy New Year 2008!

It’s been a long hard slog through the slime of what passes for our ‘national dialogue’ hopefully the Iowa Caucuses will start the process of turning the page. Enough politics for tonight! I’m out to Party!

Here’s my idea of some big fun! Turn this sucka UP!

Now for the yearly ‘airing of the grievances’….Oh Fuck No! We’re not doing that what we’re doing is thanking all the folks that make Drinking Liberally, Oaktown Chapter the bulwark of freedom and democracy, that’s spelled with a small ‘d’ Barrack Ol’ pal, that it is. In no particular order:

Everybody who attended a meeting this year!

This group of contributors:

Campaign Confidential

Rick and Maria and Annie and Sunshine and Byron and George and Vida and Nate and all the others whose names I can’t grasp right now from Luka’s World Famous Taproom and Lounge; wouldn’t be an Oaktown Chapter without you guys.

Justin and Dave and Katrina from (fanfare…ta…da…) ‘The National’. Next time Justin send more than five buttons…(snark)

Bill and Kitty and Melisssa and Alan and Dave and and George and Lonny and Matthew Africa ‘King of the White Heat!’ Allee and all the rest at Kitty’s where I do my best thinking…heh…..To Dylan and The Heidi for keepin’ it Gangsta!

Ginger and Allie and Meegan at T-Rex where I stock up on the best BBQ around!

And to a special friend Ms. Raelle Myrick Hodges whom will be around the Bay Area a lot more this year, producing great theatre, for which all her friends are grateful. Me included.

And the 419 folks on the php list who allow us to pop up in their inbox every week with some new outrage, cool idea or stupid rant by me. Say! How about getting some of your friends on that list, eh? It seems to me that it could be a lot bigger.

Have a extremely Happy New Year all of ya!



One Response to Happy New Year 2008!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    I kinda like the snow…..

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