So….What is going on in Iowa? Well…..

Truthfully, nobody freakin’ knows. Yeah, frustrating ain’t it? Well as I fond of saying, perhaps too fond, this ain’t no TV show, Homer. That is, where you know the the story ends on the half-hour. And spare me the standard line about how you ‘know’ that. As the first of the TV cohorts now marching through time I’ve been subjected to thousands of hours of the shit; and I stopped watching ten years ago. You, if your younger than me are probably in worse shape. Studies show that watching TV reprograms your brain. And not in good ways.

Lots of ‘reprogrammed’ brains out there ‘surging’ for Obama. Lot’s of smoke, lots of yelling, lots of ‘my candidate is great; your’s sucks….’ Rather than me bloviating about it all I’ll give you a quick tour. Besides it’s less work for me this way….heh…heh…

A very good post about why John Edwards should be your pick from MyDD which uses the dread ‘P’ word is right here…………………

The cult of Obama is terribly excited about the Des Moines Register poll showing a big lead for him. The poll is here………..

Some analysis from OpenLeft here…………. be sure and read the comments for the full picture as Bowers just tossed this off; basically if way more first-time caucus goers show Obama wins going away. Only problem with that is that the numbers the DMR poll uses are….well, they’re way out there. If I was a cynical sort of person I’d suspect the Liebercrats ‘got to’ the DMG. Bottom line, still too close to call.

Kos has a little problem with Senator ‘Hope’ and all I can say is, ‘What took you so freakin’ long!’ I had some fun in the comments but don’t bother looking this thread will hir 1500 for sure as the Obama supporters are in a frenzy with the results of the DMG poll in.

Jane & Co. are on the ground in IA, cute sign Jane, and I hope to be passing on some good stuff form them soon. Stoller is on the way also.

There’s been a lot of CW about how if X wins IA and then does better than Y in NH or if Z kicks butt in both primaries X or Z will sweep to the nomination. Myself, I don’t see it that way unless IA is a blowout for one of the top three I see this process continuing all the way to Super Tuesday and perhaps beyond. I’m not alone there.

Here’s some commentary from dKos which pulls the curtain aside to take a clearer look at Senator ‘Hope’.

I’ll end with two Edwards related posts. Look who endorses ‘Johnny Populist’! And here’s a pretty good post on why you should support Edwards.

And you can do that here. It’s easy. It’s for your own good damn it!


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