Flash Alert: Edwards campaign is in town!

This just in:

Visibility rally events this weekend starting Friday at Rockridge Bart 5 pm, saturday at 51st and Broadway at noon and Sunday at Ashby and claremont at 11 am. Go to www.johnedwards.com find the ONE CORPS button, enter your zip and get active. Join us at one of these events, join or create a one corps chapter and enter an event in the calendar. If you are in the bay area and need rally signs or flyers for your event contact me at the events posted near zip code 94611

What’s up in IA check it out here:

The Mittster in action courtesy of Stoller & Co. heh…a candid photo of Mr. Joke Line here!

Edwards tells the MSM, who still ain’t listening, that if he’s elected our troops are coming home via Jane and FDL

From OrangeLand we got a cool diary Edwards Strong as Steel!…thanks NCDemAmy

Whoops! Michael Moore noted America Hater shows Obama that….well, check it out for yourself.

The countdown clock shows: 1 day 1 hour 42 minutes 30 second to decision time.

This just in:

But even more interestingly, the polling firm – InsiderAdvantage – adjusted for second choice preferences of people whose first choice candidate didn’t reach the required 15 percent threshold. InsiderAdvantage used this methodology to correctly predict the outcome of the 2004 caucuses.

Using this methodology, the polling firm projects a result of:

Edwards: 41%
Clinton: 34%
Obama: 25

The bottom line? With 48 hours to go before the caucus, it’s a dead heat in Iowa. John Edwards is in a strong position – and gaining momentum event by event, hour by hour…

More later!

Flash Alert: Senator ‘Hope’ luvs him some Drudge! ‘Blogosphere upset. Obama supporters say ‘blogosphere irrelevant to Dear Leader’s campaign…..


One Response to Flash Alert: Edwards campaign is in town!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Lat day for Snow!

    Don’t miss it!

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