John Edwards Speaks out about the Iowa Caucus and ‘Change’…..

Flash Update: This astonishing diary from OrangeLand shows that the corporate media are deliberately suppressing John’s message. Even Obama supporters are up in arms over this! Read this if you read nothing else linked to this post!

Keith wonders...’Why is Edwards ‘in trouble’ and not Clinton?’

In this blogger’s opinion it’s because ‘Versailles’, ‘The Village’, ‘inside the Beltway’, corporate ReichWing America, whatever you want to call the nexus of fascistii, thieves, bunco artists, gangsters, wreckers and looters are scared to the point of puking of John Edwards. He’s the one candidate who is committed to, and capable of, engineering real change in our government so that it will work for the people; not rob them under the guise of ‘keeping you save…’. With the help of a fired up citizenry, that’s you, he can start the process. The ‘sphere, new name for The Blogosphere…less typing…heh, is as aroused and behind him as I have not seen since Dean. Every major A-list blogger is finally on board, except Kos he’s too coy for that, and the threads are jammed with Edwardians from HuffPo to Sirota screaming, ‘Go John, Go! Edwards is the clear choice of the ‘sphere from the lowliest blogger to the most influential of the A-list. And for good reason as he is the real deal. He understands that the Wal-Martization, the NAFTA induced damage, the imploding healthcare system, No Child Allowed to Learn ….All need to be rebuilt from the ground up into programs that work for us, the people of the United States, not Sumner Redstone…Rubert Murdoch…General Electric…..Lockeed or Exxon, as does the ‘government’ that allowed our nation to be mugged by the corporatists and their vile cousins the MIC. On every issue Edwards has the most progressive position and a plan to deal with it.

Outspent 5 to 1 Edwards is still in this thing. I ask you to consider how much ‘change’ we’re gonna get from Senator Obama when these are his backers. I saved you the trouble of using Teh Google on  National Amusements Inc.Who is Senator ‘Change’ trying to kid when he says, ‘We can change this thing?’ at the very same moment he’s taking money from the very beating heart of Corporate America? Money that allowed him to vastly outspend Clinton in IA! You, my good friends. Yes you, his entire campaign is designed to forestall the populist, progressive movement we see building in America.  He’s trying to scam his way into the White House where he will be able to take care of his friends. Shield them from the growing demands for progressive change.  Just as he did as a pissant machine pol in IL.

And for those concern trolls who want to say, of where Obama gets the massive amounts of money he’s using to twist the process in his favoer, ‘Oh, that’s just politics. They all do it!’ No, my good friend. They do not ‘all do it’.

Here’s the place to help John Edwards run to the White House where you can be sure he will stand up for you, your family and our nation not Goldman Sachs.

Get up off your wallet and act in your own interests!


5 Responses to John Edwards Speaks out about the Iowa Caucus and ‘Change’…..

  1. Once again the American people have been duped into choosing the corporate media status quo candidates. In other words unless you are Republican lite,, the criminal element in the U.S.. DOMINATES.! These people are big time crooks who demand PROTECTION MONEY. All candidates pay up except for John Edwards. John Edwards has always represented the people and has not contributed one dime to the big corporations. These big corporations are keeping America from all that she can be and the non-suspecting public tolerates this evil. America has been on a steady decline for sometime. We have been victimized by lies, attacked from within on 9/11 and all of agony of war, of tortuure is dumped on us and still the Anerican people drag on lemings to the sea.

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