Latest Polls show Edwards, not Obama, ‘Surging’ in National Polls!

Yes, outspent my hundreds of millions to tens, ‘disappeared’ by the corporatist press John Edwards surges in the polls; as this shows he’s making a move on the Clinton and Obama. Yes, while the national corporatist press is squeeling with joy about their candidate Obama Edwards is moving to spoil the corporatists party!

Apparently ‘folks’ are hearing his message even though he’s not getting his fair share of air time. Obama is the big noise. Could this have something to do with that.

Here’s JRE from today on the campaign mach in NH:

Here’s the Agonist with a rock solid post about the situation our nation really finds itself in and why. Here’s a quote:

‘The US can’t afford current policies. It’s in serious imperial overstretch, massively in debt, losing its industrial base, maintaining an army whose effectiveness is extremely questionable and losing its technological lead in multiple fields. And the "war on terror" has led to a massive increase in terrorism–it is a complete and utter failure on every metric.

Any foreign policy analyst who was actually serious, as opposed to "serious" would look at this and not be proposing more troops; would not be suggesting that the "war on terror exists". But "serious" foreign policy analysts like Obama’s and Clinton’s are doing just that.’

Read the whole thing.

Ezra Klein talk’s about ‘The Oprah Candidate’; here’s a cool segment, Klein can write no doubt about it:

Edwards ran a commercial where a burly Iowan spoke emotionally of the moment when Edwards leaned down, stared his seven-year-old son in the eyes, and promised to fight for his father’s job.

This irritates the Press Corps. It’s schmaltzy and raw. As Mark Halperin put it in his summary of Edwards’ most recent debate performance, "His habit of recounting moving stories about anonymous (and, sorry, random) people sometimes makes him sound like a mayoral candidate in a small Southern hamlet."’

Mr. Halperin is the kind of  ‘journalist’ who likes to take the easy, press release, path to a ‘story’. All that messy human emotion make him queasy in his oh, so delicate, stomach. I’d like to tell you what I really think of  the guy and his ‘colleagues’ but B.R.A.G. editorial policy now bans rough language.

What’s my point? My point fellow progressives is that, very much contrary to what you are hearing on the TeeBee and Radios ReichWing this campaign for the Democratic nomination is not, I repeat,  not over.

Not by a long shot! And you can still get in lend a hand to John and his many, many supporters.


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