Now, Now….My good friends we have a race!

Don’t let anyone tell you the Democratic Primary is over. Don’t let anyone tell you that Clinton or Obama will now sweep to victory. That that is a outright lie should be clear by now.

Remember prior to IA how the ‘Hillary is inevitable meme was buzz, buzz, buzzing everywhere propelled by the corporatists press? Obama swatted that sucker right out of the air!

Then it was Obama, Obama, Obama will ‘run the table with the Big Mo’ he got in IA! Didn’t happen. Clinton thumped his ass in NH. Two primaries two winners.

So now it’s Edwards ‘will drop out…’. The question of ‘Who will get Edwards votes when he drops out?’ is all the corporatist media can talk about. Simple minded, lying son-of-a-bitches with their owner’s agenda, crush populism, firmly in mind they would have you believe ‘it’s all over for Edwards’. Question for ya. What do the votes of the farmers of IA and the hardy millworkers of NH, hey…I can git cliched as the next assclown who works for the NYT ala ‘Bloody Billy’ Kristol if I feel like it, count towards. What are they electing in the primary states or rather I should say who are they electing? Folks called delegates who are pledged to vote for one or another of the candidates. So, what’s the count now. Is Hillary running away with it?

Not hardly here’s the count to date:

                      NH      Total

Obama          9           25
Clinton          9           24
Edwards       4           19

Doesn’t look like no blowout to me. And one of the founders of the people-powered-politics movement Jerome Armstrong thinks its actually something pretty damn good for our nation. Here he is with the teaser quote:

‘If that’s not a race, then nothing is. Certainly, Obama and Clinton have a monetary edge over Edwards, but don’t discount earned media or Edwards having enough funds to compete well enough. All of the post-Iowa national polls have shown Edwards trending up into the 20 percents, and he’s viable. There is no frontrunner. I still predict that Clinton will ultimately win the nomination, but I care more about it being a battle in which everyone participates that wants too than I do about the ultimate Democratic nominee.’

Bold by me. Read the rest of this post here……………

And get ready for the primary cause it’s comin’ to a town near you!


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