Only Three Days to Go!

Brain Food Ver. 2.0 Kicks Off with:

Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power.

No, not the Nevada primary…no, no, no this is an event for you folks. For those within range who can attend our ‘Brain Food’ author event this Monday 14th January, 2008 at Luka’s Taproom and Lounge. The author Mark Shapiro will talk about his book, take questions and sign copies of same which will be available for purchase.

For a book with such potential impact it’s not a long one and I’ve decided it’s a disservice to it and Mark to summarize any more of it.

What I’m doing here is inviting you to come and meet with us and Mark and Wilma Chan, ex-State Legislator, to learn about the increasing threats industrial chemicals and processes pose to our health.

In the hopes of stimulating you interest I’ve linked to some recent news stories which I believe are connected to Mark’s thesis.

Whoops! Looks like Iowa is still in this thing……

You want some E. Coli Conservatives in yer spinach?

Good job, Nancy sez da BushWacker………, not that Nancy!

U.S.A. signs ‘food safety’ pact with China.….ha, ha, be sure and ask Mark about this one!

‘Nightmare of the Corn People!’….and no, this ain’t about HuckaBee! I used this link because it trumpets the percentages of gmo corn and soybeans coming to market as ‘good thing’.

Check those out and if you have questions come and Mark will do his best to answer same.


One Response to Only Three Days to Go!

  1. Charlie Peters says:

    Legislators vote fraud caught on video

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