Summer 1967….

Listen my friends…..

Moby Grape showin’ ya how it was.Two versions of how they got their name:

Moby Grape was the name of Kool-aid’s purple flavor. It had a picture of a purple whale on the package and was the preferred flavor for all the electric kool-aid acid tests put on by the Merry Pranksters.

The name came from an old joke: What’s big and purple and lives on the bottom of the ocean? Ans: Moby Grape. The day the band was to decide on a name, they were presented with a list of c**p by their manager. They hated them all. Bob and Skip showed up late and (having shared this joke on the way over) told it to the group. Someone said; “Hell, that’s better than any of Matthew’s (Katz) s**t. And so “Moby Grape” was born.

However their name wasn’t what made them one of the most cherished bands of the time. Check out the second track ‘Sittin’ by the window.’ Perfectly captures the time and mood of a rainy fall in the land of yesterday, 1967. Realizing, and we did know, that what had happened last summer was gone…Forever…


One Response to Summer 1967….

  1. Louis Ogden says:

    I had always heard to latter explanation – the joke.

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