Insurrection! Edwards proposed to storm ‘Versailles’….Are you just gonna watch…..

Citizens liberate the Palace of Versailles

Folks over at dKos are stirred up about the possibility that Edwards could win. To do so he’s gonna need the netroots help. I’m already doing what I can and with some help we look to do a lot more before the CA primary. If you think that having either Clinton or Obama running against McCain/HuckaBee! is a good idea don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


If your a progressive netizen who is determined to do whatever you can to help the Edwards campaign right now then check out this post and then…………

Keep an eye out here. We’re workin’ on some stuff. While you’re waiting you can send lawyers, guns and
money to JRE and EE right here….right now.


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