FISA, John Edwards and You…..

Haven’t posted in while, Brain Food with Mark Schapiro was a very big success where it matters…in folks heads and I will do a separate post on that soon. If you missed it..for shame!

I might not have posted this but I’ve certainly told everyone I’ve met in meatspace that this post about Senator Dodd’s call for help against ‘SellOut’ Reid and the rest of the corrupt sleaze who have appointed themselves, using that loudest of all arguments money, the Dem Caucus leadership in Congress. Specifically this post engendered the largest response by a factor of ten that I, or anyone else on this blog, have ever received. Most comments also or pretty close anyway. Now much as I might like to think that this response was due to my amazing blogging skills….

I know that’s not the truth of the matter. The truth is that you are sick and tired of corrupt Dems selling out to Bush and his backers. You are absolutely mad as hell that the ‘Decider’ and the Fascist Goons he’s installed throughout the government feel not only free to wiretap you, your kids, your parents and your friends but they want to deny you any opportunity to seek justice in court against the Telephone Companies! And they  want make sure that not only will it be against the law to sue these corporate fascists for past violations of your rights but the intent is to ‘immunize’ these criminal scum from future acts. And so you responded and the cowards in the Senate led by Reid caved. With Senator Dodd on the floor looking him in the eye with over  500,000, yeah that’s half a freakin’ million emails regular_guy, piling up in Dodd’s office in one day Senator ‘Fighting’ ‘Four-Flush’ Reid hesitated and then with the cries of  fear from his caucus driving him to show his yellow streak….He caved.

But now, once again compelled by his corrupt acceptance of TelCo cash and the promise of fearful retribution if he does not act toe save their bacon Reid is pushing for Telco Immunity. Something that the Congress of the United State, as Senator Ted Kennedy has pointed out, has never granted any one.

Dodd in back from his campaign and has vowed to filibuster.

Ah! Glorious Word, Filibuster! Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Yay!                 

But my fellow citizens we must be ready to fight as we never have before. We must hammer this idea into such uselessness that it will be beyond anyone’s consideration for a generation. And we can do this.

The ineffable Jane at FDL has put out the call. And clever tactician that she is she’s trying for a two-fer. Many in the ‘sphere asked, begged and pleaded with Senator’s Clinton and Obama to leave the campaign trail and stand by their ‘good colleague’ Senator Dodd.

They both declined…well, actually they never responded to said request.

I’ll have more to say about Senators TweedleDee and TweedleDumber in another post but this lack of action on an issue Iknow from you, your response, is important to you and does, I believe, bring into doubt their fitness for the Presidency. Jane knows this and takes  the next step. She’s invited John Edwards to speak out asking his fellow contenders for the nomination to come to the Senate, amazing you gotta mount a campaign to get these two fools to do their jobs and maybe convince the voters to vote for ’em, and support Dodd. This would I believe be a great teaching moment for the candidates, ‘SellOut’ Reid, and the People of the United States.

Here’s Jane’s great, great post with all the links you need take action to protect your freedom….and that of your family.

‘Live Free or Die!


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