A Question for the Candidates…..When?


What say you Senator Obama? Days x $720 million equals….when exactly sir?

Senator Clinton? Your answer?

Sorry, I can’t quite hear you either one of you. John Edwards was clear. Ten months. 223.2 Billion. Quite a bit but not as much as John McCain….

one hundred years = 26.784 Trillion.


2 Responses to A Question for the Candidates…..When?

  1. regular_guy says:

    War? What war? Is there a war going on? Are people dying every single day because of this war? Do either of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates really want to end the war? When? Are they also shills of the war profiteers?

    It is amazing to me the way the war has disappeared from the MSM. Is it over? When are the troops coming home? When are the contractors coming home? One hundred years? I don’t think so.

    The Republican party, the Republican presidential candidate, will again try to use national security as a talking point, while playing down the disaster this war has become. The Democratic party must provide some contrast, some real, actual plans to end the war soon, or they will prove (again) that they are no different from, no better than the Republicans.

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