You remember that guy…What was his name…J…J….Jer…Jerry…Yeah! Jerry McNerney…the guy we helped take out the vile Pombo!

Well guess what/ He’s asking for our help again. Now ‘some’ have said, pipe down back there reg_guy you will get yer say in the comments or…ya can even write a post, that Jerry is a ‘Blue Dog’ stab-in-the-backer on the Iraq issue. I’ve said stuff like that myself. So in light of the decisions made at the last steering committee meetup, you weren’t there…you don’t know what we decided…Hmmmmmm…Imagine that, I decided to cruise over to Jer’s blog and check out what he’s saying these days. Get me?

Here’s Jerry on Iraq:

I am firmly in favor of withdrawing troops on a timeline that includes both a definite start date and a definite end date (“date certain”) and uses clearly-defined benchmarks. I am not in favor of an “open-ended” timeline for withdrawal, as some members of Congress have proposed recently.

Pretty plain talk. Read his whole post right here and do read all the comments. You will be glad you did. I will be posting quite a bit on Jerry and other ‘progressive Democrats’ who are trying to get elected opposing either the fascist scum of the ReThuglican Party or like our own Donna Edwards going up against supposed ‘Democrat’ Al Wynn. This thing is going down tomorrow and sad to say I haven’t done enough to get this great young woman into Congress where she can use her brains and skill to advance our progressive agenda. Here’s a clip:

You can give to her campaign at our ‘For a Blue Majority Now’ Page. He will be opposed by another of the endless ReThug clones they manufacture in the Central Valley like flies over a feedlot.

I say we need Jerry right where he is pushing back against the stupidity of the ReichWing out in the Central Valley. He’s a smart guy and he’s fighting a smart fight.

I’ll be posting about our Chapter’s commitment to a brighter more progressive nation a lot in the months to come. I will be speaking with an emphasis on what you and I can do, irregardless of who is elected to what, to effect that change. We have a plan and with you backing we can make my meme: ‘Peace, Health and Prosperity for Everyone’ a reality. It’s time to stop griping and complaining and Take Action!


One Response to You remember that guy…What was his name…J…J….Jer…Jerry…Yeah! Jerry McNerney…the guy we helped take out the vile Pombo!

  1. I think you should point out the another side of the topic too… Hats Off to the discussion.

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