Let’s get started on getting rid of the arrogant Pelosi…Let’s get started now!


Let’s face it, the 2006 elections seemed like they might actually make a difference; we took back the House, got Rumsfeld out and got a Speaker who was supposed to be on our side.

But before the victory parties even ended Nancy Pelosi had already let America down by “taking Impeachment off the table” – setting us up to be in for a very long and disappointing two years under her leadership. With the lowest approval rating ever, a stark 23%, Congress isn’t fooling anybody, it’s clear that the voters expected a change!

Somehow this failure only makes her bolder. Last week in a press briefing with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi blatantly stated that ending the occupation of Iraq was also off the table until 2009. “We’ll have a new president,” said Pelosi. “And I do think at that time we’ll take a fresh look at it.” Check out Matt Taibbi’s latest article, Chicken Doves (clik on this), for more insight on Pelosi’s priorities.

What’s wrong with this picture? The voters elected Nancy Pelosi to support our agenda – not BushCo’s. We need to send a strong message to the leadership that is failing us: Represent us or be replaced!

That’s exactly what Cindy Sheehan is doing & you can help! We are gearing up to launch our campaign and need to put our money where our mouth is; help us raise $50,000 by the end of the week to show Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the “Do Nothing” Congress that we mean business.

$50,000 – What will that do? Support a campaign staff of ten people working hard to get Cindy’s message out & challenging Pelosi every step of the way. Keep our campaign headquarters open with the rent paid & the lights on. Build the capacity of our website to be interactive and engage our online supporters.

We can do it! If 500 people contribute $100 each by next Monday, that’s money in the bank. Commit to supporting this important effort and make your donation today. Click here to contribute.

Send this message to five of your friends and ask them to support Cindy’s campaign with a donation. Click here to send your friends a message now!

2008 can be about real change & that starts with getting the liars, crooks and criminals out of our house!

A.Citizen here….Many may think that this is a dumb idea and that Cindy isn’t ‘the one’ to take on the vile Pelosi. Well, you are wrong. Cindy is determined seasoned campaigner and if we progressives get behind her instead of playing into the hands of the ‘Democrats in Name Only’ headed by the ‘Empty Suit’ Obama we can have an effect on Congress. As Kid Oakland has pointed out, ‘That’s where the write the laws.’ So let’s shake up the Clown Circus in D.C. and get behind Cindy.

A lot of people I know are very, very angry at the arrogant Armani-suited Pelosi for her support of the worst President in our history. Supporting, voting and electing Cindy would really change some minds in Congress….

For the better.




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