Obama reveals a populist streak!

One of my biggest problems with Senator Obama was his heretofore weakness on taking a stand on the loss of good American jobs from such mindnumbingly stupid, for a real Democrat anyway, legislation such as NAFTA and CAFTA under the rubric of ‘free trade’. David Sirota, a Obama critic for the same reasons I have, talks about a change in Obama’s rhetoric today in his column.

Here’s the teaser quote:

‘I don’t know about a time-out, but I do know this – when I am President, I will not sign another trade agreement unless it has protections for our environment and protections for American workers. And I’ll pass the Patriot Employer Act that I’ve been fighting for ever since I ran for the Senate – we will end the tax breaks for companies who ship our jobs overseas, and we will give those breaks to companies who create good jobs with decent wages right here in America.’

Clik on thru and read more, Obama is starting to talk about issues important to progressives, and the nation, in ways that demonstrate that he is willing to act contrary to the corporatist scum who are looting and wrecking our country for their own private gain.

More of this please, Senator.


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