Our Good Friend and Super Activist Matt ‘Say No to Pombo’ Lockshin Needs Our Help!

This just in from Matt:

I need your help. A project that was my baby is a finalist for an award that is determined by public vote. It is a finalist for the Golden Dot Award for Best Mobile/Text Message Campaign by the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet. Anyone can vote and THE VOTING ENDS soon.Please take 45 seconds to vote for me and then forward this to your friends? All you have to do is go to the website below and vote for It’s Our Healthcare in the “Best Mobile/Text Message Campaign” category. It’ll literally take you less than a minute.


For those who want to know what I did, here it goes. We set up a jumbo screen in front of the Capitol in Sacramento one a day when we knew all the legislators and the Governor would be focused on health care reform. We allowed people to send a text message to the Governor about health care that showed up in real-time on our huge screen. Each message was up for twenty seconds in letters that could be read from over 200 feet away. The really cool part is that we also set up a live video feed through the internet. This allowed people in Fresno, LA, or anywhere else in the state to send a message to the Governor and watch on the internet as it was displayed in front of the Capitol less than a minute after they sent in. We had collected messages to the Governor leading up to this even but we got over 650 responses the day of the campaign and managed to have a new message every twenty seconds for approximately seven hours.

I’ve been told by people who follow the use of text messaging in politics that this is the first time anyone had done anything like this and I am very proud of giving people across California a new way to make their voices heard.

Please vote for the “It’s Our Healthcare” campaign at:


Matt Lockshin


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