The Utter Stupidity and Greed of Our Current ‘Leadership’ is revealed quite clearly by this……

From Grist, a pretty cool blog, we have:

A recent issue of Scientific American featured a "Solar Grand Plan." Its authors described a way for the United States to obtain nearly 100 percent of its electricity and 90 percent of its total energy, including transportation, from solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal resources by end-of-century. Electricity would cost a comfortable 5 cents per kilowatt hour.

U.S. carbon emissions would be reduced 62 percent from their 2005 levels. Some 600 coal and gas-fired power plants would be displaced. The federal investment would be $400 billion over the next 40 years ($10 billion a year) to deploy renewable technologies and suitable transmission infrastructure.

If that future seems too good to be true, then look at two other studies during the past 13 months that have reached similar conclusions: one sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society (PDF), the other by the Nuclear Policy Research Institute and the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. All three concur that energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies can satisfy the nation’s demand for power without additional nuclear or fossil-fueled power plants.

If $400 billion seems unaffordable, consider: It’s less money than the federal government already has spent on the Iraq war, only a third of the $1.2 trillion that some experts now predict the war will cost, and only a sixth of the federal government’s current annual subsidies for fossil and nuclear energy.

Kinda takes yer breath away don’t it.

Makes me want to go down in the basement and rustle up some rope for the likes of these assclowns:

Senator Reid       reid scowl.jpg
Senate Minority Leader

Senator Boxer     boxer.jpg

Senator Feinstein feinstein.jpg

Give ’em a call and ask ’em why we pay their salaries if they can’t figure this out?


One Response to The Utter Stupidity and Greed of Our Current ‘Leadership’ is revealed quite clearly by this……

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Those who say it can’t be done are ignorant or, more likely, in the pay of Big Oil. If you don’t want your children living like corporate slaves you’d better get active on this issue.

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