Some days I just have to ask myself…..

What the fuck people are thinking. Yeah, I know profanity, not good, but sometimes nothing else will do…..know what I mean. In my ceaseless attempts to get people to pay just a minimum amount of attention to their government and what it might be up to I get this:

‘Oh, I’m was too busy with work and the kids….’

‘They don’t care what I think…..’

‘They are all on the take anyway…’

or my fav:

‘Dude, the government, should like…be abolished…all they do is take your money..’

Now, I am willing to grant ya that there is a grain of truth in each of these statements. The speakers are in turn saying, ‘I don’t have time to pay attention given the demands my family makes on my…’, ‘….government is indifferent to them…’, ‘….government is corrupt and unless you are rich enough to buy it’s attention…’ but there is something all these follks are overlooking. Something very important indeed.

Pericles, Tyrant of Athens, put it best when he said:

‘Just because you are not interested in government does not mean government is interested in you.’

He said that over 2500 years ago.

Let me spell it out for you. Here are two quotes from the former Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Human Intelligence Analysis and Counterintelligence. He’s writing to a reporter from prison who helped put his corrupt ass there.


“Each time you print it hurts my family And now I have lost them Along with Everything I have worked for during my 64 years of life,” Cunningham wrote. “I am human not an Animal to keep whiping [sic]. I made some decissions [sic] Ill be sorry for the rest of my life.”


“As truth will come out and you will find out how liablest [sic] you have & will be. Not once did you list the positives. Education Man of the Year … hospital funding, jobs, Hiway [sic] funding, border security, Megans law my bill, Tuna Dolfin [sic] my bill … and every time you wanted an expert on the wars who did you call. No Marcus you write About how I died.”

This man, Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham, is barely literate and he was a committee Chairman! He was one of the folks in charge. More than a little worrisome folks. I am sure that the people I quoted above actually believe that the government is run by people much like themselves who can be expected to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Nothing could be further from the case and everyone walking around thinking that tomorrow is going to be like today?

Don’t bet on it pal.


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