Why Obama matters…..

Like him or not if he becomes President he’s gonna be important. Very important, this sound obvious to you does it? Well Sara Robinson of Orcinus has been on a sabbatical from there to produce a post I believe everyone needs to read.

Here’s the teaser quote:

There’s one thing for sure: 2008 isn’t anything like politics as usual.

The corporate media (with their unerring eye for the obvious point) is fixated on the narrative that, for the first time ever, Americans will likely end this year with either a woman or a black man headed for the White House. Bloggers are telling stories from the front lines of primaries and caucuses that look like something from the early 60s — people lining up before dawn to vote in Manoa, Hawaii yesterday; a thousand black college students in Prairie View, Texas marching 10 miles to cast their early votes in the face of a county that tried to disenfranchise them. In recent months, we’ve also been gobstopped by the sheer passion of the insurgent campaigns of both Barack Obama and Ron Paul, both of whom brought millions of new voters into the conversation — and with them, a sharp critique of the status quo and a new energy that’s agitating toward deep structural change.

Sounds like a fairly typical post about Senator ‘Change’ and his effect, so far, on the political process this Presidential election year. Well, when you read the title of this piece, please clik on same and read the whole thing, which is:

When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps To Revolution

You will quickly see that it is anything but that. As Bush has cheerfully assured his followers ‘Politics has consequences…’ and Obama repeatedly asserts, ‘I am about change….’ politics now becomes perhaps the most important thing in every citizen’s life. We no longer have the luxury of ignoring politics and by extension what our government, yes it’s still ours if we can muster the spine to assert our ownership, does to protect and foster our success as a society. The good times are over homer and they will remain unreachable until you and I climb up and demand our government, that is the people in it, start doing what is required to rebuild what the raving lunatics of the ‘conservative’ ReichWing have destroyed.


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