A Good Article about What It Will Take to ‘Change’ the System….

Here’s the teaser quote:

‘When I first got to Albany, I received a T-shirt, a cup and a toothbrush from a "tort reform" group, all emblazoned with the slogan Trial lawyers: They don’t make the things you use, they make the things you use more expensive. I have seen the NRA work on the public’s perception of gun control from Buffalo to the Bronx to stop us from passing legislation to ensure that gun store employees receive proper training and that gun dealers are held accountable for knowingly selling guns to criminals.’

Read the entire article by Eric Schneiderman, a progressive activist and lawyer, is currently serving as a New York State Senator representing Manhattan and the Bronx here, online, at The Nation. I found it to be a real good read with acute analysis, good story telling and, most importantly, a call for action which every progressive can follow.

Read it.


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