Chicago Dyke speaks for me! Warning, warning this is a Meta-Post!

… her post: Goodbye Cruel World: In Which CD Bows Out of the Wars
Here’s the teaser quote:

Inspired by the lovely responses in this post, I’ve made up my mind after much discussion, thought and sleep on it. I’m done. I’m not going to write or comment on the Democratic candidates anymore, not until there is a real need. Right now, there’s too much poo-throwing, I’m tired of it and it’s ruining all the good blog parties. I am afraid of my email boxes, I can’t speak frankly in mixed librul company, and I’m bored. So go ahead: fight it out, pick one, tell me when it’s time to be Unified. There are plenty of other stories that matter that are happening, right now. If blogs ever had a job, it is to cover that which affects us all, but the SCLM ignores.’

Who is Chicago Dyke you may wonder. She’s an acquaintance of mine, from YearlyKos I, way back in 2006. A most perceptive lady who with her fellow blogmates Lambert and other reside in the awesome Corrente building. CD lives and blogs in D.C. she’s a sharp cookie and like many of the LBTG community not inclined to accept the conventional wisdom whether it be about sexual matters or The Great Orange Satan and CheetoLand. Now I’ve been troll-rated so many times at CheetoLand that there’s a big capital T on my ass. I don’t really care at this point. Kos has lost whatever grip he had on his creation and I’ve lost what once was a tremendous respect for him. ‘Winning’ has become so important to the cult of Obama that they’ve lost track of, if they ever did have a handle on, winning what? Obama’s nominating Crazy Joe the Liarman to SCOTUS?

Hell, nobody knows.


I have decided to imitate CD’s approach. The Democratic Nomination will proceed without me which I’m sure will not present a problem for either candidate. Let me repeat: ‘I have no dog in this fight’. I don’t really see the difference between Senator TweedleDee and and TweedleDum. I intend to start posting more about things I think, yeah that’s right I think, are important for the progressive movement to be blogging and thinking about. malcontent seemingly agrees with me as his first post in a while is about an issue I will be literally beating to death with words: A sustainable economy which must have as it’s foundation sustainable energy generation.

I’ll also be keeping abreast of the FISA fight an the movement to elect ‘More and Better Progressive Democrats’ and work being done to build a progressive infrastructure which many in the ‘sphere are now dedicating themselves to in the absence of a true progressive candidate for President. And in case you want to argue that…I stand ready but before you open yer pie-hole check my newly revised sidebar widget, ‘Is Your Congressperson Progressive?’ Go ahead compare Obama vs. Clinton. Our pal Josh at Progressive Punch has got the kinks out and PP now produces something much more meaningful to help you analyze your Rep. or Senator.

And just because I said I didn’t have a dog in the fight does not mean I won’t point out which one has the worst case of mange.

And yeah I’ll still link to CheetoLand if they’ve got the goods. scout finch and mcjoan still crank out some good stuff and meteor blades, old codger that he is, can still bring it. Kos…not so much.

Onward: To a Progressive Future with: Peace, Health and Prosperity for Everyone.


One Response to Chicago Dyke speaks for me! Warning, warning this is a Meta-Post!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Pssssssssssst! If you clik on CD’s link to, ‘The lovely responses…..’ you will get an inside track on stuff I’m gonna be bloggin’ about.

    Hope you’ll check it out.

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