Open Letter to Rep. Jerry McNerney…..

The Honorable Jerry McNerney,

I’ve looked at the ‘energy’ section of your ‘Issues’ division on this website.

Frankly it strikes me as pretty ‘conservative’ and antiquated from a guy who made his bones on windpower.

Check out the following and give me a response to this question:

‘When is the government going to take our proven technology and the best of the many, many plans out there to reduce our dependency on foreign oil to Zero?’

For those who don’t know this is entirely possible as the following links show:

The Solar Grand Plan:

That’s already under construction by the way:

Power islands:

And Jerry the Texans are now whippin’ our ass.

What’s up with this?

In short you don’t seem to be advocating for real transformative technologies which ALREADY EXIST.

Just going along with the program ain’t gonna cut it no more Jerry.

Please respond in detail. Perhaps if we in the netroots who helped you beat the excreable Pombo can help you with this.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Flash Update: Here’s where you can find how your representative or Senator voted on sustainable energy in 2007; 2008 has no qualifying votes yet.


2 Responses to Open Letter to Rep. Jerry McNerney…..

  1. A.Citizen says:

    The progressive punch ratings for sustainable energy make interesting reading. Obama….absent twice. What is with that guy and not voting?

    I call for legislation to ‘adjust’ pay for every legislator based on his/her voting attendance as compared to the median. Vote less you get paid less and so on….

  2. malcontent says:

    Good letter. I hope to run into Jerry soon, as I believe he is overdue to respond to questions such as those you’ve posed above.

    Keep it up.

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