Is that right Senator Dope ‘Hope’. Guess like Lessig he didn’t get the memo….

Youtube can make you look like the fool you actually are.

You say that that clip was clearly from some time ago and Ol’ Barack has tightened up his act and is a much more effective and
knowledgeable Senator today?

Do the words, ‘inexperienced…’, bamboozler’, or ‘Elmer Gantry’ mean anything to you.

Anything at all?

Think about it.


2 Responses to Interesting………

  1. Peter James says:

    This guy walks and talks like a bullshitter.
    To me it is so obvious.
    But to people calling themselves “highly educated” Obama appears rational and “brilliant”.

    I am curious, if anyone knows, how he was chosen to address the 2004 convention.
    I would like to know who was behind it. I watched his speech and could barely stomach it.
    I was hoping, even praying, that he would say something with feeling about the horror that is the war in Iraq. He said nothing except that everybody is patriotic. He spent most of the time talking about the bootstraps thing, and what a great country this is and so on. For this, his speech was labeled “electrifying”. People still say that. I urge people to read the speech. It is vacant.

    Lester Young said that white people want every black person to be either an Uncle Tom, an Uncle Remus or an Uncle Sam. Uncle Tom is perhaps a little severe, but Uncle Remus and Uncle Sam seem appropriate designations.

  2. Mark says:

    Wow, this is supposed to make me question Obama? huh

    By the way, the full committee had several hearings on Afghanistan. Sub-committees tend to hold hearings on lessor items. This topic was already well covered. Very strange you think this is important.

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