Had a little confilict over at OpenLeft yesterday….

and apparently I am now banned. Nobody was progressive enough to email me about it but…ya know at this point I don’t care. Paul Rosenberg and Matt Stoller are great bloggers.

Bowers….not so much. Upon occasion his posts get so tortured as he tries to cast Senator Obama as the candidate for progressives to support. Too which I say this:

Progressive Punch’s ‘Chips are Down’ scores rank Clinton and Obama thus:

Clinton 27th most progressive in the Senate.

Obama 41st…..

The following Senators rank as more Progressive than Obama:

Webb, Feinstein and Ben Nelson.

Progressive Punch has worked long and hard on their ratings and as I know Josh, the prime mover over there, and know him to be a truly progressive guy who knows
what’s what and I further say that this presents a bit of a problem for those Kool-Aid Guzzlers who would paint Obama as the better progressive candidate. Thus their tendency to
ban folks who disagree with them.

But that problem is nothing compared to what Larry Johnson, ex-CIA co-worker of Valerie Plame, is up to. Let’s be clear here. The Great Orange Satan got a little too…what? Overbearing?
Over the top? Nah what he did was imagine that he could stifle a guy who has spit in Cheney’s eye. Check out Larry’s post, ‘Fuck you Kos!’ and you will see what the feud is all about.


I’m on Larry and Atrios’s, Digby’s, Lambert’s and my own damn side. Basically I echo Larry’s statement and extend it to Bowers. Click on ‘Obama, Community…..’ just below and see what is going to splatter the papers very, very soon about Senator ‘Hope’ and how he stood by and watched as his pal Rezko stole that hope from his, Obama’s, constituents.

Obama, ‘Community Organizer’….not so much…..

Moral: You folks out there in glass houses? Don’t throw rocks at Larry Johnson….or me for that matter.


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