The People’s House Heard You!

Yep, Telco immunity has been stripped from the House FISA legislation. Rumor has it that some Bush Dogs voted the correct way. Since it was a secret session, gee I wonder why, it my be some time before we know the whole story.

Jane has some comment here.

Lambert’s take is here.

MyDD has a link to the Role Call

Even CheetoLand gets in on the act. mcjoan is the best and really should be somewhere else

TalkLeft has some discussion…

Pat yourself on the back and get ready for the Obama round in the Senater. We’ll get so see just how much he favors our privacy and we can watch Clinton in action.

One hopes.

Flash Update: It would appear that the Dem freshman class stood firm on this, that even some Bush Dogs abandoned Mr. Decider and that Hoyer and Pelosi ran rings around the Republicans. A good day for progressives here in a still great nation.


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