Very Good Brunch Discussion Today!

Turnout was modest. Around six or so.

Where the hell were you?

Topics ran from our upcoming progressive author series, if you know of a good book by a real progressive coming out this year email me and we’ll take a vote on inviting same to talk with us, to sustainable energy, Peak Oil, Liquid Fuels…the housing crisis, consensus is that you and I will pay….education, the kids are getting shortchanged. Wilma Chan is coming soon to talk with us. The corruption in Congress and how important cleaning that out is to the Progressive Agenda. The Federal Reserve….Brittany, no not really…..slavery, then and now…. And as always…..

Obama vs. Clinton.

Did you know that the Clinton’s are Racists? No?

Hell neither did I.

We kept it cool and had a pretty good discussion about how this divisive campaign was not a good thing for us. One thing that was asserted, I’ve been hearing this for over a year, was that The Magic Man, Obama will help the Democratic Party win a whole bunch of down ticket races for the party and that his makes him the more desirable candidate. Well, I’ve never seen any evidence of this that was convincing but today proves that old saw, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. Having been banned by Chris ‘BoneHead’ Bowers from his site OpenLeft, I was not being sufficiently respectful to him and his sycophants, I’ve been over at Corrente a lot lately. And saints preserve us I found this:

Many Obama voters ignored other Texas primary races

Yep, Chris that line of b.s. you been pushin’

It’s b.s. pal.


2 Responses to Very Good Brunch Discussion Today!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Other comments on today’s meeting are welcomed and invited.

  2. Smgumby says:

    From your link:

    “But the numbers suggest that many Obama voters were drawn singularly to him and might not return in the fall if he’s not the nominee – blunting the flood of new voters who Democrats hope will help revive the party in Texas and sweep it into the White House.”

    ** Full Disclosure ** I’m an “any Dem will do” voter at this point. But if Obama’s supporters won’t vote without Obama, there is MUCH LESS chance of bringing along “down-ticket” victories…

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