A response by me to this comment from TalkLeft…..

flyerhawk got a little aggravated and had this to say today:

I am utterly sick of hearing how the Democrats are going to lose in November.

If the Democrats lose in November they should be disbanded as a party and a new party should be formed. A party that isn’t determined to shoot itself in the groin rather than succeed.

Short of finding pictures of McCain with an Al Qaeda prostitute, what else exactly do the Democrats needs to convince themselves that they have all the advantage? Economy is in the toilet, war is unpopular and going nowhere, Bush has record low approval ratings while McCain is in full liplock with the guy, the world is begging for a Democrat to resurrect some sort of sane foreign policy. WHAT MORE DO WE NEED?

The only way that either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama don’t win in November is if emocrats turn their back on the party because they are pouting about their candidate losing. I say this with the full understanding that there is a reasonable chance of Hillary being the nominee. I may not be enamored of her but I will be voting for her NO MATTER WHAT!

Country over politics, people! Whatever virtues John McCain may have once had, have been coopted by his willingness to kowtow to the extreme Right that believes that the best solution to the Middle East is killing more Muslims, that the problem with Vietnam was that we didn’t kill ENOUGH Vietnamese, and that turning our enemies into glass is preferable to ever accepting even the slightest setback in our foreign policy objectives.

John McCain is NOT preferable to Barack Obama. John McCain is NOT preferable to Hillary Clinton. Not in any way. His LIBERAL positions are well to the right of both candidates. His pandering positions are downright frightening. He will hand off economic policy to guys that will make us wish for the days of Jude Wanniski.

I understand that politics are a passionate business. But don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Your rights and the human rights of people around the world depend on that.

This ends my open thread rant.

I do agree with him absolutely, and more than that I have a solution to the big problem facing the Democratic Party at this juncture. Polls show the party split deeply enough that McSame could be a winner in November. Polls also show that large percentages of those who support Clinton will not support Obama and vice a versa. Further, the coattail theory Obama espouses is out the damn window.

Here’s my solution:

John Edwards for President.

At the time he left the race and the pollsters dropped him he was whippin’ McSame.

He had not alienated either Sister Beezlebub’s nor Senator SnakeOil’s supporters by what small amount of criticism he’d directed the candidates way.

He’s polls strong in the South. That’s a great advantage to have for a Democrat.

But most of all….

He an unite the party behind a populist platform and initiate the ‘transforming’ election the idiot Boys on the Blogz are always whining about.

I hereby declare the Bear Republican Action Group the kickoff site for:

Edwards for a Progressive President.

Here’s a nice poll for you to vote in. Unlike the frikin’ Committee of Three we practice our democracy here….and with a gotdamned small ‘d’ Kos.

Should the real netroots get behind an Edwards for President Campaign.
1) Hell Yes!
2) No! Kos would not like it.
3) No! ‘Duke’ Bowers would not be pleased.View Results
Make your own poll

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