Congress will matter more as we now have a new branch of government: Supreme Court, Inc.

Yep, Bush the Hahvahd ‘CEO’ President, goin’ BK with the nation looks like but more about that later, has succeeded in one of the ‘conservative’ Reich Wing’s fondest dreams. He’s ‘corporatized’ the Supreme Court. Here is the opening para from the NYT:

The headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, located across from Lafayette Park in Washington, is a limestone structure that looks almost as majestic as the Supreme Court. The similarity is no coincidence: both buildings were designed by the same architect, Cass Gilbert. Lately, however, the affinities between the court and the chamber, a lavishly financed business-advocacy organization, seem to be more than just architectural. The Supreme Court term that ended last June was, by all measures, exceptionally good for American business. The chamber’s litigation center filed briefs in 15 cases and its side won in 13 of them — the highest percentage of victories in the center’s 30-year history. The current term, which ends this summer, has also been shaping up nicely for business interests.

Go on and read the whole disgusting thing. But remember one very important historical fact. The Supreme Court has been on the wrong side of the people’s’ will in the past, Slavery and the era of the railroad trusts come immediately to mind, and the nation never stopped in it’s inexorable march to being a more diverse and progressive nation.

We won’t stop now.


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