Matt Stoller has a request….

Which despite being banned from his site by ‘BoneHead’ Bowers I am passing on to you on the list. The idea has merit.

Dear Philip,

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of our disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq. This week the 4000th American troop died in Iraq. Across the country people gathered to commemorate these sad days, while our political pundits took to the pages of newspapers and magazines to offer up mea culpas for their support of this war and endlessly shift blame for the disaster onto some one other than themselves. These people can barely take responsibility for their actions, much less responsibility for the future of our security and the future of Iraq.

Since our political leadership and the pundit class won’t take responsibility for their errors, we must.

Taking Responsibility

That’s right, taking responsibility. Responsibility to our troops. Responsibility towards the Iraqi’s whose lives we have turned upside down and responsibility to the American people to keep us safe and secure.

Last week, 10 brave congressional challengers stood up and took responsibility for protecting the American people and getting our troops out of Iraq. They released “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq,” which outlines in great detail how they will responsibly end the war and protect our future. Written by Darcy Burner from Washington and Major General Paul Eaton, this band of challengers is willing to take what those who have come before them have been unwilling to do…. Responsibility. Hundreds of bloggers and activists discussed the plan, and thousands have signed on to endorse it. Will you join this conversation?

Read and endorse “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq” today

Ending the war in Iraq doesn’t just involve removing our troops. It will take a series of changes to our political system. In addition to ending U.S. Military Action in Iraq, the plan will focus on the following key areas.

  • Use U.S. diplomatic power to help stabilize the region.
  • Address humanitarian concerns in Iraq and the Middle East.
  • Restore our Constitution.
  • Restore our military.
  • Restore independence to the media.
  • Create a new, U.S.-centered energy policy.

Read and endorse this plan today

Together we can end this war quickly and responsibly.


Matt Stoller


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