Jerome shows why my Gore/Edwards Unity 08! Ticket could very well happen….

….you see The Magic Man….well, he’s tanking in the GE matchup with McSame. I guess American’s don’t feel he did the ‘Wright’ thing.

Here it is direct from MyDD a site still interested in the facts as opposed to ‘More of the Same’…..

I was so mistaken. I thought the slide of Obama vs McCain that’s happened the last half of this month actually could be understood without having to spell out more than one of the lopsided results without claims that it was cherry-picking.

Here’s six more, from the past few days, besides Missouri’s poll out today where McCain is bothering Obamamania by a margin of 50-41, that show that mighty Red State power of Obama at work:

Arkansas (rasmussen)

Obama      27

McCain     43Alabama (susa)

Obama      35

McCain     62

Missouri (susa)

Obama      39

McCain     53

Kentucky (susa)

Obama      28

McCain     64

Ohio (susa)

Obama      43

McCain     50

North Carolina (susa)

Obama      42

McCain     51

We’re gonna be working over the coming month to instituting some measures to make it more difficult to have an account here at MyDD. I’m sure there’s many places on the web where people that having nothing better to do than attack other users will be welcome, but not here.

These are just red states, of course, Obama is doing fine in blue states like CA and NY and others… And yes, he can turn it around, this is only March! But this is not a cheerleading blog for either of the candidates, its a political junkie site that doesn’t flinch to relay the reality of what’s happening. If you can’t deal with that and discuss it like an adult, you don’t belong here.

And yes, Clinton’s numbers, in most of these states are poor as well (though she’s ahead in that Ohio one), but haven’t tanked as bad as Obama’s have the past two weeks. Yu can go to the link and see her numbers. The point of the post though, was to show that Wright has done damage to Obama. Much deeper than anything previous that has been done to him. This isn’t “concern trolling”, it’s reality. Obama didn’t deal with Wright correctly (if he possibly could have), and its hurt his standing vs McCain, especially in Red and purple states. If you want to ignore it, go someplace else.

Bold by me and I do think I speak for regular_guy and malcontent when I say that I got Jerome’s back on this one.


2 Responses to Jerome shows why my Gore/Edwards Unity 08! Ticket could very well happen….

  1. tlg says:

    I don’t think the drop will last, this is not going to be a long lasting drop. memories are too short, and the constant harping on rev. wright will become too shrill and irritating.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Please, put down the Kool-aide and back away from the keyboard.

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