HIllary Clinton: Monster!

Yep, there is an ongoing debate at B.R.A.G. and at our Drinking Liberally meetups as to whether a ‘good’ democrat should vote for The Hill if he or she cannot stomach Barry and his Wright to Rezko to Auchi triple play of corruption and stupidity. I’ve made up my mind but who I’m voting for is none of your goddamn business. I do offer this clip of ‘The Monster’ and suggest you check out this post from SusanUnPC at NoQuarter.

And, honestly, if you think Barry is gonna be the better person to pick up that phone at 3 am yer’ve been guzzlin’ waaaaaaaaay too much of the Kool-Aide!


One Response to HIllary Clinton: Monster!

  1. Hako says:

    Hillary’s body of work and accomplishments have never garnered half the attention her mis-statements have. It amazed me that in recent weeks there has been concerted attempts to “shame” her over her trip to Bosnia. Shame her? She was there supporting our troops. Where were those that would shame her? There were snipers reported in the hills. She and others were asked to where flak jackets. She and Chelsea were moved to the most heavily armored part of the plane.
    The plane did change course to avoid possible sniper fire, and the ceremony was moved indoors as a safety measure. So, mostly her story was true, she simply exaggerated the danger from the snipers. Many stories get better in our minds in the re-telling, that’s just human nature. Hillary has no reason to feel ashamed for being in Bosnia, or anywhere else she has gone to do good work.

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