Our First Woman President? We report you decide……

Barry…Senator Obama….What say you sir?


Do you hear what she is saying?

U.S. out of Iraq starting NOW!

And…Genurul ‘Betrayus’….Sir, bloviate all you want abut ‘military calculus….’ yadda…yadda….yadda….’ Sir,

General you are never gonna get the citizenry to agree that 2 + 2 = 5. That might be ‘The Math’ for bonehead losers like
yourself and your boss ‘The Decider’ but the rest of us know better….

Yep and we also know just what we think of this guy.

Asshole, no doubt but folks are, as they are apt to do, moving on to a new opinon about Mr. Decidedly Stupid and his Sidkick ‘Shooter’.

That purchase of a big chunk of Paraguay by the ‘D’ man is starting to look like a good idea.

Were I you Generul, Sir, I’d start looking for a nice fat gig at General Dynamics. For you, Sir, medals and all are going under the bus.

Real soon.


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