And still it comes in ‘over the transom’ as….

Dave Neiwert of Orcinus fame laments from his new perch at FDL, a blog I can totally support and who I doubt me will ever ban me because Jane has the spine to stand up a speak her mind…and let you do the same, but this post I thought worthy of linking to from Corrente I give you Paul Lukasiak with the first of five posts on racism and sexism and how these supposedly Republican flaws have turned out to be of the very fabric of Dead Loser Caucus and the Decayed Corpse Committee Campaign.

Read carefully and think for yourself. An awful lot is unknown about what’s really going on on the ground in America today. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to analyze same. That, for me, is one of the primay functions of the blogging citizenry: Thinking out loud about it.

Here’s the teaser graph:

‘In choosing a nominee, the Democratic Party will not merely be deciding who deserves to win, or who would make the best candidate. It will also be a decision about which poisoned landscape the Party wishes to compete upon — one in which toxic wildflowers of misogyny and sexism are in full bloom, or one in which the poisonous weed of racism is a constant part of the environment, and needs the merest watering to completely despoil the land.

When the Survey USA (SUSA) 50 State Poll was released on March 6 (conducted Feb 26-28) comparing how McCain does against both Obama and Clinton, simply by looking at the data you could see wide discrepancies in how men and women voted. The trend is clear: men and women voted differently depending upon whether McCain was matched against Clinton or Obama. Women tended to stick with the Democrat regardless of whether it was Clinton or Obama, while men more frequently favored McCain when Clinton was on the ballot. The gender gap was significantly smaller when Obama was on the ballot. Sexism was obviously playing a role in the political landscape.’

Read the whole thing here…..

And for the record I do not have a dog or a bitch in this fight. I’ve not made up my mind who, if anyone, I will vote for in the Presidential Kabuki. Don’t like that?

As DubRoots would say, ‘Tough beans, pal.’


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