As it happens the vile Yoo…..

…clever scumbag that he is does not belong to the California Bar Association. Nor is he licensed to practice law in the State so my plan has no leverage. There is however on group of individuals whom have a say in all this. The most august Faculty Senate of the University of California at Berkeley, my cherished alma mater. They can cast the insane Woo from his perch as Professor at UCB’s Boalt Hall School of Law should they so choose. There is a link to email the chair. If you do so be polite and marshal some arguments for them to use. Bloviating  ain’t gonna get it done.

There is one individual member of the faculty who has expressed his internal conflict about Woo’s presence at Berkeley. This would be Professor of Economics Brad DeLong whose blog Grasping Reality is an excellent example of the academic blog.

I recently commented in a thread about Greek plays, that’s where the opening quote comes from as follows:

Some mindfulness
A man should surely keep, of any thing
That pleased him once.

Yes, I have that ‘mindfulness’ of my days at Berkeley circa 1965 to 1971 when such a one as ‘Professor’ John Woo would have been driven from the hallowed vale that is Berkeley by an enraged community.

Sadly, as the ancients so correctly lamented the men of today are but pygmy’s compared to the giants of yesterday.Lost to them, it would seem, the moral outrage that gave birth to our nation, our society.

Is there no one on the faculty who feels the sting and shame of associating with the creature Yoo?

Is there not one amongst you who will stand up and demand he be cast forth?


A. Citizen

This man is struggling to be on our side and if you do contact him please be nothing but polite.

I have not and will not give up on my campaign to send Yoo packing. Next up is research on whether his work can get him expelled under Faculty Senate rules. If you have any ideas…send ’em along.


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