Hillary want’s to go back…back to….well let her tell you….

Here’s what Hillary the Monster is talking about recently in PA:

HARRISBURG, PA. — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton nodded knowingly last week as Joe Rebarchek described his struggle to pay for his oldest daughter to attend Villanova University and still save tuition money for his two younger children.

"I hear about this everywhere," Clinton said at the Capitol Diner, her voice tinged with sadness.

The New York senator looked across the crowd of supporters in the ’50s-style dining room with flying-saucer-like lights and said she was able to go to law school nearly 40 years ago only because she had a low-interest loan from the government.

"At that point in this country’s history, we made a really big investment in young people," Clinton said. "That was a part of what our country did. And I want to get back to that."

Read the whole article here in the Los Angeles Times and remember….

We report but you are the ones who have to decide.

Tune in next week for another gripping episode of: Sister Beezlebub vs. Senator SnakeOil.


One Response to Hillary want’s to go back…back to….well let her tell you….

  1. A.Citizen says:

    A quote from a 75 year old PA resident, one of those gun and church lovin’ folks Barry has such contempt for here:

    “It was such an exciting time,” Petroff gushed. “People worked. People had jobs. . . . We were Americans. We could do anything.”

    See, Barry the Clown don’t get that because he’s essentially ignorant of our nation’s history.

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