Announcing some new neighbors on the BlogRoll….

Having had to replace dKos and OpenLeft and even Corrente with some new spots to take the pulse of the ‘sphere I’ve been on the road to exile. Like Aneas and his family leaving the sacked and burnt ruins of Troy I’ve been passing through new nations, new cultures….

Springing up like weeds to replace the tired, old ‘Boyz on the Blogz’ all of these places offer a new look at things; and many times some pointed and acidic criticism of the old guard. I’d like to introduce you to the first group that I’ve chosen to blogroll.

First up an actual A-Lister: TalkLeft, the Politics of Crime. Ably led by Jeralyn and backed by the considerable muscle of Big Tent Democrat, who used to be someone else at dKos….no names please. This site is profoundly anti-Obama and has plenty of analysis to back their position up. They also deal with the intersection of Politics and the Law. You know, trivial shit like the Patriot Act, the vile Yoo and the suspension of Habeas Corpus.

Second, we have The Confluence: Warning, this is a site run by women and they are not happy with the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’ so do not get smart with ’em. Kid Oakland’s ears are burning if he read the latest over there.
Nothing wrong with that this is politics but just keep it civil or you will be hammered.

That’s it for now. Check these places out and let me know what you think. And do try and avoid teh Awsome ‘My candidate is cool your’s sucks….’ sort of argument.

I’m not in the mood for it.


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