‘Some’ believe that we in the ‘Progressive ‘Sphere’ should not pay much attention to the Presidential Kabuki….

Up until today I would say I agreed with that. But…..

Something very strange is starting to happen. Hillary Clinton is starting to talk about subjects which have been utterly taboo in the political dialogue to date. Today in PA, home of the Constitution, she said:

‘We also need to immediately and aggressively crack down on China’s unfair trade practices. China should be a trade partner, not a trade master. I’ll start with currency manipulation. It is outrageous that China and other countries continue to manipulate their currencies to put our goods at a disadvantage.

Hmmm… That sounds kinda ‘fair’ which has been lacking in the corporatist led race to the bottom we Americans have been watching our business ‘leaders’ manage and lie about. But many have said this sort of thing before. Even Barrack Obama has uttered very, very similar words. So….

That wasn’t what caught my attention folks. This is:

‘… for our manufacturers with smart fair trade is just the beginning. We also need an ambitious new strategy to help American manufacturing grow and thrive.

We’ve got to export more goods. We’ve got to create new jobs here in America.

Now, when I talk about solutions, I mean we can have a full, comprehensive approach to doing this.

Number one, we’re going to go through the tax code line by line. We’re going to get rid of any tax break that promotes or rewards outsourcing.


No company…


No company should be allowed to ship your job overseas, using your tax dollars to do it.

So instead, let’s support American companies that in-source jobs, that create jobs right here, that look around America and say, ‘Boy, you know, Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania are good places to do business.’

She’s talking about tax policy which is a policy wonk’s solution to everything, FDR thought otherwise, but she’s on the right track. Finally someone in the DLC and/or a leadership position is talking about a solution to our fiscal problems.

More and better paying jobs.

Paul Krugman must be turning handsprings.

More from Hillary:

‘We’re also going to invest in green energy technologies and vehicles. I think we can create at least 5 million green-collar jobs. Those are jobs that can’t be and won’t be shipped overseas.

And I commend you on taking the lead with your blue-green alliance. It’s time we promoted this work across America. And you have a lot of good ideas. You just need a president to work with you to implement them. And that’s what I will do.’

Now, she veers right with this anecdote:

‘…we went to a community that, a few years ago, had a company called Magnequench. Magnequench made magnets. And these weren’t just any kind of magnets. They weren’t the kind you put on your refrigerator doors. These were the kind of magnets that went into our precision-guided missiles, our so-called smart bombs, to guide those missiles to their target.

CLINTON: Well, a Chinese company bought Magnequench. The people of Indiana, the company and the elected officials begged the Bush administration to block the Chinese company from moving the jobs to China. Couldn’t do it. So not only did the jobs go to China, but so did the intellectual property and the technological know-how to make those magnets.’

DFH that I am I’m not excited about what Magnequench was doing in the first place but…..

The laws of economic competition have not been repealed nor are they likely to be and one spin off from this sort of approach is a global movement towards everyone being rewarded for their contributions with reduction in theft and freeloading by ‘outlaw’ nations. Ours included naturally so that the Yamamato Indians of the Amazon receive royalties on drugs derived from plants they’ve been using medicinally for eons just as Americans expect to profit from new classes of chemicals being created in University labs which remove metal salts from the environment. Something China will pay a good price for if they cannot steal it.

Senator Clinton goes on:

‘And of course when we talk about solutions for manufacturing, we’ve got to have quality affordable health care for every American because we’ve got to take it off the negotiation table. We can’t continue to bargain over health care.

And we’re also going to tackle the high cost of retiree health benefits. How can we possibly compete when a company like GM pays $1,635 in health care costs per car produced, while Toyota only pays $215?’

(APPLAUSE) I am the only candidate in this campaign who has a truly universal health care plan. No one’s left out on my plan. I don’t leave it up to the insurance companies to decide whether or not some people are going to get insured.

We’re going to insure everybody because we’re going to tell the insurance companies they no longer can make life-and-death decisions. They cannot discriminate against people who have been sick or could get sick because that’s wrong morally and economically for America.


Well if you’re still with me and are not yelling ‘What about Bosnia? What about Bosnia?’, to which I reply Senator Obama has yet to make it to a war zone so what are you yelling about, I got a question for ya?


Just who does Senator Clinton sound like? Yeah, I’m surprised as hell but in the heat of a political campaign new weapons are forged. New ways of attacking the enemy are needed and found. And I say this….

Hillary is finding her voice and this voice would not exist if it wasn’t for John Edwards. The entire speech she gave in PA could have been cut and pasted from JRE’s campaign.

This is I say significant not because I was an Edwards supporter but because despite all the SuperClass and the corporatist media have done for decades and decades to suppress it…..

A discussion of class and economic stratification is breaking out on the national level.

That is why I wrote this post.

That is why any progressive worth his Roosevelt needs to get up off their butts and add their voice to the dialogue.

That is why I am going to continue to ruminate on the ‘Kabuki’.

Do not forget Kabuki is theater and that the theater models life. Sometimes very well indeed. In Kabuki the protagonist strives to create a moment of understanding about the universe called ‘Mie’ which translates to us as: ‘Pose’.

It remains to be seen if what Hillary is saying here will survive the tender attentions of PumpkinHaid, Tweety and the rest of the bloviating clowns of corporate media. Who will no doubt describe it as such. I believe that just might not work for two reasons:

She’s not ‘posing’ she’s talking about what has become, thanks to Senator Obama, the most elusive element of our current political process: Reality.

Don’t agree with me?

Then why pray tell is Senator Obama fantasizing about Annie Oakley.

If you’ve got an answer to that one I’ve got a list about a mile long of instances where Barry demonstrates conclusively that he don’t have a clue.

I’m sure there is a great deal of chagrin at how this campaign is trending. On both side of the aisle a growing nervousness is growing. The candidates have been at this for so long that they the only un-mined veins of rhetoric veer dangerously near to ‘the Truth’. Away from the stupidity’s of ID politics to discussions, tenatative and murky I agree, of race, class and economics.

Bears watching and commenting on fer sure.

Note: Here is the NYT coverage of her speech from which these quotes come.


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