My open letter to Art Torres in response to his call for help in the 2008 Presidential contest…..

Actually I said this in the comments in our good pal Frank Russo’s blog. California Progress, go on over there and join in the conversation whether or not you agree with me.

You sure Art? You absolutely sure you and your pals in the ‘Democrat’ Party want the White House? I feel compled to ask because I and my fellow progressive Democrats helped the party take back the House and Senate in 2006.

Remember Tester?


McNerney, perhaps our finest hour knocking out a vile crook and fascist.

I mean you do remember all that happening don’t you Art? Ask Frank who I am, who malcontent is who Kid Oakland is?

And what did we get Art?

Oversight from the House? Remember Miss Nancy and her chortling about ‘subpoena power….’?

How’d that work out Art?

Impeachment for the guy who now admits he and his Fascist cabal in the WH are war criminals?

Nope, Art…

That’s declared,

Off the Table…..’

And now you want our help again?

Sorry Art, I think it a more salutary effect if due to Pelosi’s sitting on her hands for two years and the DLC’s desicion to get behind the most deeply flawed candidate since Dukakis we progressives make you guys in what you imagine is ‘your’ party pay a price.

Four years of McSame and no supermajority may very well be a heavy price to pay but if it allows us to rid the party of the hacks and boobs who put the Magic Man on the ticket and who think we in the field have no other choice but to go along with your dumbass strategy to make yourselves popular with K-street it will be well worth it.

Shorter form: Obama heads the ticket you can ‘drop dead’ if you know what I mean.

I’m not alone in this view nor the view that it would be helpful if DiFi, Boxer and Pelosi stepped down and went to work openly for Corporate America.



One Response to My open letter to Art Torres in response to his call for help in the 2008 Presidential contest…..

  1. A.Citizen says:

    I’m the first on my block to let Art Torres know how I feel….

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