Intoducing a Blogger I find to be very, very good….

She is to be found at: Anglachel’s Journal ‘You say I’m a bitch as if that were a bad thing…’ obviously a lady who is not…shy. She’s going on the blogroll, soon to be purged of sexist scumbags and other pests, but here’s an introductory post about….heh…..History….snort….yeah, one of my favorite subjects. Hey, read yer Santana.

‘Why am I so concerned about the way “radical” and “far left liberal” are being used in the blogs? First, I’m kind of pedantic when it comes to political definitions. These things mean something to me in a way they might not to ordinary readers. They have histories, they refer to specific modes of thought and action, and they are intended to have analytic power. More importantly, as I ended the last post, these labels have been used maliciously against Democrats by the Right in an attempt to distract voters from the core policies and actions of the party, measures that are far more harmful to Republican power than some upper-class idiot with too much time on his hands pretending he’s a “revolutionary” and killing people. It matters that we use language correctly and understand the various radical modes of action on the Left so that we can be effective radicals ourselves. In the current political environment, to promote humane, egalitarian and moderate policies is to be radical.’

Bold by me. Clik on thru and read the whole thing. She’s a very good writer indeed and comes to us from riverdaughter over at The Confluence which as you know, if you’ve been keeping track that is, is a blog resulting from the progressive radiation away from such cesspools ad dKos, TPM and OpenLeft. I’m really looking forward to reading more from her. Beats the sound of Barry sticking one of his feet in his mouth.

Flash Update: She, uppity bitch, defines Barry in terms of her Truman/Stephenson model. Sadly, Barry does not fare well here.


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