The Democratic Party….Too stupid to live?

Barry running around screaming, ‘If you don’t support me you are a racist.’ Sister Beezlelbub telling us McSame won’t be as bad as The Decider…Du’oh! Yep all the stupid things you expect from The Circus, my new nickname for party politics in America and why not they got Elephants and Asses in the circus do they not…lots and lots and lots and lots of clowns too, and maybe even some things you did not expect. Like Oprah! or Bill Clinton, racist dog, but here is where reality meets the road and to the progressive movement’s loss.

No more Rockridge Institute. Nope, all gone and could have been put on a regular footing for I estimate .000000001 per cent of what Barry spent on ads calling Clinton a Beeotch.

Oh, well….’hope’, ‘change’ and all the rest will be what we have to work with. Funny how this is all working out. Barry runs and we end up with a semi-deserted blasted heath where once a thriving progressive community stood. ‘Crazy Joe’ is doing cartwheels I am sure.

If you find my take on Barry a little harsh; well, his campaign was just bragging about raising 1 million in one minute to spend losing in PA and he will, not doubt, raise millions more to lose in the GE assuming he gets that far and the Grand Poo-Bahs of the ‘Demcorat’ Part will wonder why they continue to lose a Republican Party which is never shy about spending money on infrastructure. They just luvs them some ID politic even though the Rethugs regularly clean their clocks whenever they, the ‘Demcorat’ Party, try to use same.

Now, I wonder why that is.

Thanks Dead Loser Caucus.


One Response to The Democratic Party….Too stupid to live?

  1. walter libby says:

    China is threatening the world, peak oil is upon us, our economy is going down the drain, taking the dollar with it and our politicians are clueless. What a country! Yes, it does appear we are too stupid to live. It appears too late “for change,” but what the hell….

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