‘Democrat’ Party now totally delusional…..

I really don’t know what to say…..

Barry loses to Hillary in PA and now trails by a minute amount in the popular vote and the calls for Hillary to quit are getting quite hysterical. Now it would be one thing if Barry could win in the GE but….well, that’s just more delusional.

Looks like to me that unless the SuperDelegates really step up and do their job we are going to have more of McSame come the fall. At least Hillary shows no sign of giving up and is taking on more money at a great clip. Historians are gonna have a lot of book material from this clusterfuck of a primary.


I’m still disgusted.

But it would appear that the electorate is trying to send a message. One the Dead Loser Caucus just doesn’t want to hear.

Note: If Elizabeth Edwards endorses Hillary this thing will be over and The Magic Man can take his sexism and arrogance back to Chi-Town.


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