Is time running out on ‘The Torturerers’?

Could be. This story seems to indicate that ‘some’ in the EU are ready to enforce the rule of law no matter who they need to confront. If you’ve read much of what I’ve been saying for the last four years you will know that this comes as no surprise to me.

Question is how surprised will the estimable Professor Yoo be not to mention Dean Edgerly when the Bundeskriminalamt, German State Police, come a callin’? Here’s the opening para:

‘It’s not easy for me to generate a lot of sympathy for a CIA man involved in a kidnapping, but I feel sorry for Bob Lady.

Lady, many readers will remember, was the CIA’s base chief in Milan, Italy, and nominally in charge of a February 2003 agency operation to snatch an al Qaeda suspect off the city’s streets.

Sounded like a pretty good idea at the time. It was only a few months after we’d been smacked, big time, by al Qaeda killers here.

But the snatch turned into a public relations nightmare two years later when Italian authorities announced they had eyewitnesses and indisputable evidence tying the CIA to the crime.

So last week 26 Americans, most of them CIA employees, went on trial in Milan for kidnapping, albeit in absentia and to little notice here. They are fugitives from justice, with international warrants issued for their arrests.’

Read the whole thing. The times….they be a changing thanks to the idiot twins Cheney and Bush.


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