Pssssssst! While you were busy with Barry and Sister Beezlebub…..Well, things other than that ARE HAPPENING!

Yeah, it’s fiction…..or IS IT?

This is the sort of effective narrative, story telling if you will, we must use. Must push down the throat of every Republican, every Do-Nothing Democrat, every member of the House and Senate until they absolutely
choke on it. Every one of us should be able to reel of many minutes of such stories and use them whenever we get the chance to communicate with our fellow citizens.

Our goal: Peace, Health and Prosperity for Everyone.

Not just the rich, friends of McSame and California yacht owners.

ps: It’s also a sign we are not alone. Hollywood carries a big stick in this fight and from D.W. Griffith thru Capra to the present day it’s been a staunch ally. Let ’em know how you feel:


And here is a more progressive group that looks pretty good. Check it out.


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