Hillary Secures the Nomination….Senator Obama….Not so much….

You know, speaking solely for myself……I’m sick of Senator SnakeOil. Throw this JFK, MLK self-hating fool under the bus. Couple of reasons:

He’d have you believe that the Clinton’s are racists. They white ain’t they!

He has no clue foreign policy-wise.

He consistently uses Republican frames to push an agenda that has no place in the Democratic Party.

He’s a liar…..documented many, many times.

He’s totally ignorant of American Political history…wannna debate about his take on Reagan bring it on. I was there and Barry just get’s it wrong.

He has zero, that’s zero, chance of beating McSame in the GE. Electoral college analysis shows this to be the case today and really Rezko and Auchi are unlikely to help him win votes.

But…but….the GE is a long way away you assert. Well, yes it is but that just gives Senator ‘Foot-in-Mouth’ longer to do stupid shit like this:

David Axelrod on Hardball, a great place to followup the total clusterfuck that was Obama’s appearance on FAUX NOISE:

He’ll (Obama) invest in our infrastructure, which badly needs it. We know that. That’s one of the reasons this diversion from the federal highway trust fund that Senator McCain and
Clinton have proposed makes no sense.

What’s he talking about? Senator Clinton wants to seize the money Big Oil already owes us for past taxes they’ve not paid and levy a windfall profits tax to enable the Federal Government to remove the Federal
Gas Tax from gas and give the taxpayers and the economy a big, justifiable, progressive boost.

Obama doesn’t want to.

Why? Well because he didn’t think of it and it won’t help him get elected. In fact, it just…..

Elected Hillary Clinton.


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