Uh…Miss Nancy? Excuse me…yeah, I know you are very busy……

May 4, 2008

planning the next great big give away to your corporate pals, gonna be hard to top the farm bill that’s for sure, but…well, you see…What with:

Impeachment of the table….

Another 178 Billion for Bush’s excellent adventure….

No action on literally dozens of folks accused of everything from child rape to big time embezzlement to a guy changing legislation after it was sighed by your best pal Mr. Decider…..

Some have made up their minds like this lady:

That it’s time for you to go. Go away where you can no longer damage the Democratic Party, no longer damage our nation, no longer damage our society.

As mah cousin Pat allu sez: ‘Don’t let the door  knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!’ on your way out.

No….The Party Never Stops…It Just Goes On and On and On and On….

May 4, 2008

And why should it not. If they need more money….

….in this office….

…they will just call downstairs and have more printed. And if you don’t think lots of cocaine, high-dollar hookers, booze, private jets and yachts don’t figure into this…

…yer just plain naive.

Have fun spendin’ that $30.00 worth of gas tax savings you are maybe gonna get.