Here’s a very interesting post from our blogroll associate Robert Oak.

I’ts all about  Social Security…yeah, yeah, I know your are holding your head in pain and resignation. Well, if you think you don’t have an interest in the system your either a teenager strung out on Ayn Rand or a ReThug NutJob Economist. Since either are not really likely to be reading this….

I’ll link to the parent post thru this paragraph. Do dig into the links all the way down to level 3 as they will give you some real food for thought:

‘Now, there is a legitimate progressive objection to Obama’s discussion of fixing Social Security by adjusting the cap: any talk of reforming Social Security inevitably plays into the hands of those out to privatize it by trumping up a phony crisis. But that hardly seems to be the point of the Clinton campaign flyer.

Too bad it wasn’t. Clinton gets it: in the past she herself has warned that acting as if Social Security is in crisis is "a Republican trap."’

Please read the whole thing…links an all.


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